Our Services

  1. General Kidney Conditions
    • Management of abnormal urine result/analysis eg blood or protein in urine
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Electrolytes/acid-base disorders
    • All glomerular diseases
    • Kidney stones
    • Hereditary / Congenital kidney diseases
    • Weak and failing kidney conditions
    • Kidney problems in pregnancy
    • Autoimmune diseases affecting the kidneys
    • Lupus (SLE) patients with kidney problems
    • Medication associated to kidney injury/failure, both western or traditional medicine
  2. Hypertension and Diabetes
    • Management of poorly controlled/ resistant Hypertension
    • Hypertension related kidney conditions
    • Management of poorly controlled diabetes
    • Diabetes with protein in the urine, kidney failure and problems
  3. Kidney Failure
  4. a. Acute kidney Failure
    • All causes of Acute kidney failure
    • Drugs related kidney injury
    • Post-operative kidney failure
    • Intensive care patients with kidney disorders
    • Post-Angiogram associated kidney injury
    b. Chronic kidney failure
    • Evaluation of all causes of chronic kidney failure
    • Management of its associated complication eg. anemia and renal bone diseases
    c. End stage kidney failure
    • Management of kidney failure related complications
    • Management of dialysis related problems
  5. Dialysis
    • Acute dialysis ( specialized ICU dialysis, post-operative dialysis or conventional dialysis)
    • Chronic regular hemodialysis
    • Chronic regular peritoneal dialysis
    • Plasma filtration/exchange
    • Liver dialysis
    • Dialysis for drug intoxication
  6. Transplantation
    • Assessment of both recipients and donors
    • Pre- and Post-operative management of transplant patients
    • Long term management of kidney transplanted patients
  7. Procedures
    • Kidney (both native and transplanted ) biopsies
    • Insertion of dialysis catheter
    • Insertion of peritoneal catheter via minimally invasive techniques
  8. Preventive Medicine
    • Provide holistic and comprehensive approach in prevention of kidney diseases

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